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Architect since 2000, Nuno Miguel Marques Simoes acquired a vast experience while carrying out projects of various scales in the field of architecture.

He has several works carried out all over the national territory, having  also projects in Brazil and France.


- Hotels, Resorts and Boutique Hotels

- Schools and Kindergartens

- Residential and Commercial Projects

- Rehabilitation

After several years of working in Algarve and France, managing and coordinating several projects, in July 2016 he opens an office in "his" city of Coimbra.



Creation of innovative and original projects and solutions that promote well-being and added value to the customer.
Projects from the licensing phase to execution.
Monitoring, supervision, inspection  and work coordination.

Interior Design I Decoration

Carrying out projects from the scale of licensing to monitoring the execution of the interior and decoration. 
Implementation and support in the creation of finished solutions.


We support your investment.
Experience in the field of Project Management.

Develoment of economic/financial viability studies in the residential area and tourism (hotel/accommodation).

Backup in previous studies.

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